Green Energy

We buy all our electricity from Ecotricity because for years I used to take students to the tallest windturbine open to the public anywhere in the world ( it is in Swaffham). The Ecotricity staff there were brilliant, and I never had any hard sell.  We also sell them solar electricity from our 10kW array on the workshop roof. Notice, from this photo you can see our house on the left, and the tree house straight ahead of you. However, we have ( fairly embryonic) plans to develop water turbine power from the water rushing through the old canal lock  which is located in our garden. ( seen below during an interesting frost).   That's not all, but we are also hoping one day to install ground source ( or indeed river source) heat pump technology to replace our wood burning stoves, and would really like to have a go at a river source heat pump. Meanwhile, wrap up warm !