Brooksby Station House
Hoby Road
Melton Mowbray

Phone: 07922 164061 ( please text, I won't be able to answer if I am carrying a canoe!)
Landline 01664 434689
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Brooksby Station House

The Flying Scotsman

The sharp-eyed among you will be astonished at this photograph, which has not been edited. My son climbed into a tree to catch a great view of the Flying Scotsman as it whistled past. In the foreground you can see our house, a former Victorian railway statio, and in the background on the left is our canoe building workshop, with a canoe on the roof of a guest's car, about to proudly take their canoe home after a fun week with us. The famous train has been past 3 times, I believe, so you are unlikely to spot it.

Brooksby Station House

Built in 1846, this interesting Grade 2 listed building has been our home since 1998. It has an interesting history, the architect was William Parsons, whose work can be found all over Leicester. We converted it to live in, over a period of 3 years, and like many old buildings, it is a project which never comes to an end.

Rotherby Field

This view will give you some idea how rural our location is. The canoe building workshop is the grey building in the middle of all that green, We are surrounded by cattle pasture, with no near neighbours. The Wreake Valley just here is identified as an Area of Particularly Attractive Countryside.

The Goat in the BoatMorbi in sem

People often ask if this photo is Photoshoped. No, it isn't. My friend is a professional photographer, and took this photo for the BBC "Sport for All" competition, but the judges didn't  see how providing canoeing opportunities for goats fulfilled the brief... However, people do recognise the message of this photo.  The canoes are stable enough to paddle even when a goat is wandering about, leaning out to grab branches and generally enjoying the ride. We had two Saanen goats for the best part of 15 years, they were great fun and enjoyed canoe rides from their earliest days.  Sadly they are no longer with us, but hopefully you will still find our canoes stable and fun when you come and try one.