We have been building canoes since 1993

"If you look for a happy person, you will find them building a boat," said Beran Wolfe. He was right. Kenneth Grahame has Ratty declaring, " There is nothing, absolutely nothing, quite so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."  Come and join us! 

Prepare to amaze yourself, and your friends, with the beautiful canoe you will build here.. and Yes! You do take your canoe home with you when you leave.

a serious workout

There are a few tasks which take muscle power, but we will be happy to give you as much help as you feel you want.

Plenty of space

Relax in the spacious grounds (more than 2 acres). We sometimes take the canoes outside to work on if the weather is suitable.

Plenty of opportunities for families, friends and partners to work together on their canoe. You will be guided through every stage
Big Brother 

Children are permitted in the workshop if you supervise them. They will remember helping to build their canoe for many years.

YOur canoe will be a joy to paddle

Our standard Lakota is by far our most popular canoe. This can be paddled solo, or will take the family quite happily. We do offer other designs, but we are happiest with the Lakota, and we are sure you will be too.


Your canoe can be carried on your shoulders, and transported home on any car with roof bars.

Get hands on

The final coat of resin

The canoes are built using beautiful okoume marineply, and applying the resin really brings out the grain.


Typically we will get to this stage after about 24 hours of work or less. The work progresses at your own pace, and you are encouraged to tell us when you want a break, work faster or work slower.

Between the lockdowns

Yes, we will be wearing masks in the workshop when we re-open shortly ( all being well).


If you live locally you can travel daily, but many canoe building guests stay in one of our home made cabins, or in the Yurt.

The river cabin

Some of our canoe building guests opt to stay in our River Cabin. It is also popular with our Airbnb guests. 

The moment of truth! Will it float? 

Launch is always an exciting photo opportunity, and a proud moment for us all. You can just see the River Cabin in the background.

We still have availability Spring 2021, and a little during Summer 2021

Email me on jclohesy@gmail.com to discuss availability, prices etc